‘Carers Coming Together ‘ has evolved from simple beginnings as an ecumenical project at Les Cotils Christian Centre. It began in 2002 with a programme of privately funded, ‘Away days for Carers’.  Just four times a year carers were invited to come for a day , to relax, meet other carers and be cosseted a little themselves.

We are not a specialist group or linked to any particular disability or health group – hence the name – Carers Coming Together. All who care for sick or disabled relatives on a long term basis, either at home or supporting them in residential care are made welcome.

Although most carers take on their unpaid role readily ,we recognise that the restrictions of a long term 24/7 commitment takes its toll on health and emotional wellbeing. The need to ‘keep going’ can be given a rejuvenating boost when there is a pleasurable break to look forward to! A wonderful relaxing massage, provided on ‘Away Days’ , courtesy of OGH Spa, also does wonders for the release of tension.

The very positive response from carers, has prompted new initiatives, the organisation now provides at least three different regular events a month with additional ‘special events’ throughout the year. (See ‘diary dates’ section)

Carers Coming Together is entirely privately funded receiving no States grants, so relies solely on the continued goodwill and support of private individuals or corporations who recognise the valuable service given by carers of all ages and in very different circumstances.  As the caring arm of Les Cotils Charitable Trust we are always immensely grateful for any support we receive. Cheques should be made out to Les Cotils Charitable Trust indicating your donation is in favour of Carers Coming Together and sent to
Miss M M . White , Carers Coming Together, Les Cotils Christian Centre, L’Hyvreuse Avenue, St Peter Port, Guernsey C.I. GY1 1UU

As well as support through funding the gift of time is equally vital and we would be interested to hear from anyone who might be interested in joining us. If you are interested in helping  please contact either Meg White or Jan Le Billon.  See contact details.

Comment from Carers

“I love coming to Les Cotils. You give us a day to put our lives into perspective, and loving thoughts to carry on.”

“The food is always excellent. I enjoy the massage most – it is such a treat!”

“I so enjoy my ‘Away Days’ and look forward to them. It has helped me greatly.”

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